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Preserving the Past for the Future

Who We Are

We are three psychologists and a clinical social worker who have, amongst us, over 100 years of experience eliciting people’s life stories. As a result of our training, we are particularly adept at helping people clarify what is, and has been, most important in the course of their lives and what they may want to leave as a legacy to those who come after.

We will conduct interviews in a thoughtful, sensitive, and safe manner. We want this to be a positive experience for all concerned, and have the training to create a montage of thoughts, feelings, and memories that will provide a lasting testament for those who are significant to you. It is important to understand that the interviews are not intended to be psychotherapy.

We believe every life is unique and its memory is precious. When possible, it should be preserved. is our attempt to record one’s journey for posterity.

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from The Soul Aflame, A Modern Book of Hours – by Phil Cousineau & Eric Lawton

“What says we once lived,
that we were here,
that our lives will not be a story untold,
that we touched others who lived on after us?
That we added a small thread to the texture of this world.”

“What is life?
What do we leave behind,
that can’t be worn down
by wind, or time, or fire?
It is the trace we leave on memory.”

The Reasons

We Offer This Service

  • Learning about important people in our history helps us better understand who we are and is part of our evolving identity.
  • Our stories connect us to ourselves and to others.

  • The act of remembering can be a stimulating, inspiring, and meaningful shared experience.

  • Our lives occur in a context which includes various people, places and experiences – recollecting this gives us a sense of continuity and perspective.

  • Our stories reflect our humanity – our being a part of the family of man.

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Take the first step towards preserving the great things in your life and your family. With our help, you can encapsulate every important memory with family and friends, and keep them stored for generations to come. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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